The Expungement Clinic - Clackamas County

The Expungement Clinic is a partnership between the Clackamas County Bar Association, Clackamas County Law Library, LASO, and the Clackamas Service Center.  The clinic design assists low-income clients in Clackamas County in completion of court expungement paperwork. Volunteer attorneys meet with clients to determine whether they qualify for an expungement. If the client is eligible, the volunteer attorney completes the necessary paperwork. The clinic provides one-time brief service to clients every other month on Friday mornings at 9:30 am.  For more information contact Danielle Ramos at (503) 224-4086 or e-mail  Click here​ for project flyer.








Statewide Volunteer Opportunities:

ProBonoOregon Listserv:  If you don't see a case or a project that interests you on ProBonoOregon web pages, legal services offices around the state also post pro bono cases to the ProBonoOregon listserv each week. An attorney who is interested in accepting a pro bono opportunity contacts the listing office for full case information. This project allows pro bono attorneys to take a pro bono case when it fits best with their schedule.  You must sign-up for the Oregon Advocates website to join the listserv.  If not a member, click here.  Once signed up as a member, suscribe as a listserv user here

ProBonoOregon - A new way to volunteer! ProBonoOregon displays pro bono opportunities referred by legal aid on one easy-to-use web site. No passwords or pre-registration are required to use the site! Just click on the “Interested” link on any case or project described on the site, and legal aid will respond within two business days. ProBonoOregon allows volunteer attorneys to search, share and offer to help with available pro bono cases and projects from around the state. Cases and projects also can be searched based on geography, subject matter or other key factors. Click here to become part of making access to justice a reality for low-income Oregonians!

Statewide Tax ClinicThe Statewide Low Income Taxpayer Clinic provides advice and representation to low income clients who have a tax controversy with the IRS and related cases with the Oregon Department of Revenue.  Cases cover a range of state and federal personal income tax issues. Volunteer opportunities are also available for recent graduates and new members of the Bar. For more information, contact Guillermo Ramos at