Rob Welsh, Evashevski Elliott PC


Rob Welsh, Evashevski Elliott PC

Legal Aid Services of Oregon

ROB WELSH is a committed pro bono volunteer and strongly believes in increasing access to justice to low income populations.

Rob works for a small law firm in the Corvallis/Albany area called Evashevski Elliott, PC, where he maintains a general practice oriented to a more rural geography.  Rob became interested in pro bono after participating in Project SCRUB (Scrubbing Criminal Records to Unlock Barriers), a pro bono expungement clinic administered through the Hillsboro Regional Office of the Oregon Law Center.

We greatly appreciate Rob's dedication to pro bono work and passion to make a difference in the lives of his low-income clients by advocating for their legal rights.

What kind of pro bono work are you involved in?

I currently take referrals from Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) for assistance with obtaining set-aside orders of arrests or convictions and other cases involving restoration of certain rights, relief from registration requirements or reductions in fines and fees.

Why did you decide to do pro bono work?

I decided to do pro bono work, in part, to gain experience.  Set-aside work offers an opportunity to meet with clients, conduct client intake, review a no-so-simple statue that has associate interpretive case law, and prepare limited pleadings for submission to the court.  I even argued my first motion in court while volunteering.

I chose this particular type of pro bono work because there are a lot of collateral consequences associated with a conviction or just general entanglement with the crime control system.  This can include loss of housing, loss of a job, loss of associations with family and friend, loss of government benefits, loss of rights, etc.  I don't believe it's fair, by and large, for a person's life to be entirely destroyed as the result of a conviction.  I'm doing a very small part, but hopefully, it's part of a larger effort to rehabilitate an allow people to have a second act. 

Why do you feel it's important for you to do pro bono work?

People need help, and if I, in my limited capacity can offer some help, then I will do it.











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