Gil & Gloria Luzader


Gil & Gloria Luzader 

Oregon Law Center 

GIL & GLORIA LUZADER are a dynamic duo of volunteerism.  Gil, a licensed Oregon attorney and his wife Gloria currently volunteer with the Hillsboro Regional Office of Oregon Law Center's Project SCRUB (Scrubbing Criminal Records to Unlock Barriers).  Project SCRUB is a monthly expungement clinic providing pro bono legal assistance to individuals needing to expunge a criminal conviction or arrest.  In addition to legal assistance, Project SCRUB also provides participants the financial assistance for fingerprinting and background checks, both required by statute.

In addition to various political volunteerism, Gil ventured into pro bono work by volunteering for LASO's Portland Bankruptcy Clinic, as well as Homeless Court in Clark County.  Presently, Gil volunteers at OLC's Project SCRUB and Gloria assists at the clinic as well.  Gil says "volunteering is part of my DNA now.  My wife, Gloria, is the ultimate volunteer.  we started with SMART in Klamath Falls in 1992...Gloria still volunteers at SMART in St. Johns a few hours a week."  

We greatly appreciate Gil and Gloria's dedication to pro bono work and passion to make a difference in the lives of his low-income clients by advocating for their legal rights.

​Why did you decide to do pro bono volunteer work? 

Selfish?  Makes me feel that my law license is still valuable.

Why do you feel its important to do pro bono work? What motivates you?

As a lawyer it is my belief to give back to my community in some small way.  A client saying thank you is motivation. 

What would your advice be to someone who is thinking about volunteering? 

Just do it! (Sorry, Uncle Phil.  Once a Duck, always a Duck). 










Statewide Volunteer Opportunities:

ProBonoOregon Listserv:  Legal service offices around the state post cases to this listserv one time per week. An attorney who is interested in accepting a pro bono opportunity contacts the listing office for full case information. This project allows pro bono attorneys to take a pro bono case when it fits best with their schedule.  You must sign-up for the Oregon Advocates website to join the listserv.  If not a member, click here.  Once signed up as a member, suscribe as a listserv user here

Statewide Tax ClinicThe Statewide Low Income Taxpayer Clinic provides advice and representation to low income clients who have a tax controversy with the IRS and related cases with the Oregon Department of Revenue.  Cases cover a range of state and federal personal income tax issues. Volunteer opportunities are also available for recent graduates and new members of the Bar. For more information, contact Guillermo Ramos at  Cick here​ for project flyer. 

The Family Law Project:  Connecting Family Law Attorneys to clients across the state via Skype or Zoom Meeting for a document review or family law consultation.  Click on the "" button below to volunteer. For more information, contact Ed Marks at Click here for project flyer.

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